Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

harte ware

Hey all, welcome to my blog!
Harteware is german and is the direct translation of 'hardware'. This term is never used anyhow.
Two years ago i started to code in c/c++ on the avr platform with the arduino environment. Before that i did a lot of electronic soldering, so i started mixing both worlds: the hard- and the software.
Love it or hate it, but arduino has brought a lot of new people to this whole hardware thing and myself to the µc world.

At the moment i have a few projects going on which i am going to summarize and file here. Also i am in the process of migrating away from the arduino IDE while still use some of the provided comfort. I am using kate as an editor and the arduino IDE to compile the code. To do so, just check the box on the 'use external editor' box in the preferences menu. In parallel i am trying eclipse with the avr plugin as IDE, but i am still having trouble with the resulting codesize, so until i fix that i'll just use kate.

If you have something to add, your critic and/or tipps are always welcomed!

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