Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

HOWTO compile arduino programms without its slow IDE...

As i wrote in my first post i am currently trying to get rid of the Arduino IDE. Don't get me wrong, it's a great IDE for small & quick projects. No hassle with header files and so on. Just type your few lines of code and you're ready to go. But eventually the day where you need more editing power will come. From my experience Arduino IDE is fine as long as your lines of code are not more than 1, say 2 pages and you don't have extern files. It's possible thou to add new tabs (= new files) in Arduino IDE but there are some important options missing: you can't collapse text levels, e.g. 'close' functions you actually don't need to save view space and the code highlighting lacks some functionality too. Plus its slow, big in memory and full of odd bugs. Try to close a tab in a just created sketch and you'll see what i mean.

So i started editing my code files in an extern editor while still using ArduinoIDE to compile and upload. That didn't work so good either, mainly because the process takes so long. All arduino core files are compiled into a file named core.a every time you compile something. Why is that? So i decided to use my own compile & upload feature via the command line..